From kettlebell superstar Lauren Brooks - this program is for the goals of moving better and increasing strength and conditioning. And also have the great side effects of fat loss and a lean body!
This week former UCLA athlete Ingrid Kantola talks about nutrition. What supplements does she take - fish oil? protein? And when does she eat?
Injuries happen, and when they do you want to make sure you're seeing the right specialist for either acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage. How do you pick which?
Eva Twardokens is a second-generation Olympian, U.S. Ski Hall of Fame member, and one of the original CrossFitters. Learn about her and try out her three weeks of workouts.
I asked some grapplers how and why they got started in BJJ, to continue to try to explain that elusive “X-factor.” Read on for the stories of some of my fellow disciples.
Pummelling is both an integral part of any combat sport as well as a great warm up. Even if you don't know any martial arts, this video can teach you the pummelling basics.
Everybody is excited about interval training, but what do you do during the rest? Is there a BEST way to rest? What if resting correctly could help you build muscle AND cardiovascular endurance?
Animal House reminds us "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." Add to this "arrogant" and "entitled." And read on to start accessing your humility.
There were some IMPRESSIVE things happening at the Arnold Sports Festival. Check out these photos of some of the strongest men and women out there as they deadlift.
Michael Winchester shares his experience at CrossFit Central - what was the 2nd WOD of the CrossFit Open like? How does he feel about repeating the WODs? What works for his training schedule?
The nominations came in, the judges took a look, and the winners were chosen! Find out who are the Top 10 Fitness Blogs on the web!
Find out how week two of the CrossFit Games went for Peter Egyed and why he believes in the importance of ATTITUDE.
Last week, I wrote up all the primary reasons you should at least own a pair of straps if you plan to lift heavy weight. This week review the top 4 straps on the market.
I had a chance to speak to Kellie about running epicman and ultras, her ambassadorship at GoTribal, her best marathon advice, and exactly why she does these crazy events.
How many reps of snatches did Ingrid get on the week 2 CrossFit Open workout? And why does she think mobility and recovery work is SO important?
The debate continues: should one resistance train with a fast or slow velocity of movement? It is time we take a look at the evidence-based research - and add a dose of common sense.
“My shoulder is really sore, I think it might be injured, what should I do?" Here's how to approach healing an injury - the 4 modalities I recommend, plus ICE and REST!