It's time we had a hard conversation about the biggest hindrance to your child's development: you.
Smart training is hard training, but hard training is not necessarily smart training.
Having more movement in your posture makes endeavors in athletics and life a little bit easier.
Focusing on sets and reps takes your attention away from what matters most when it comes to building size.
How do we know what, if anything, is functionally wrong with us?
As paradoxical as it sounds, community is the key to creating individual health changes. Regardless of your goals, the answer is simple: create community around your health and fitness.
A firm handshake can be a little alpha but being able to hang by your fingertips from a ledge? Pretty cool!
There is just something utterly primal and enjoyable about strict pressing a big bell over your head.
Youth training is full of flash and gimmicks. Selecting the right trainer can make or break your young athlete's career.
Would you be more inclined to exercise to live a longer life? Or would you be more inclined to exercise to avoid dying too soon?
Walking on your hands is great for upper body strength, balance, and coordination - it's also fun!
Ask yourself, do you have a muscle building masterplan or are you just aimlessly meandering towards failure?
You don't have to go crazy and be in a constant state of deprivation. Just make a commitment to some smart rules and know when to break them.
Fizzler or 1%er? Competition is a good way to learn more about yourself and to decide if you need to do something about your attitude.
Resist the allure and promises of fancy new gear to consider how it will add to and detract from your training.
Research shows that many lifters simply aren't selecting high enough loads to make progress.
This year's CrossFit Open tested every energy system, skills at all levels, max strength, and recovery. It was one for the ages.