No single element of a celebrity's success will be the key to your own.
When the face relaxes, so does everything else.
Here are my final tips to help you perform your best in this year's Open.
Getting bogged down in unnecessary sophistication will always play second fiddle to mastering the things that count.
Activity trackers can be an effective way to lose weight, especially when paired with wellness coaching.
When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, the cost is the cost; there are no shortcuts.
Take two simple movements, put them together in a new way, and create the greatest bang for your buck when it comes to total body and mind engagement.
Focus on the process, not the goal.
If you try to come back too quickly, you'll end up right back where you started.
Preventing Alzheimer's may be as simple as improving eating habits and being more active.
Proficiency in toes-to-bar has been a separator in every open thus far. Don't expect this year to be any different.
This plan was developed for military and first responders, but its benefits can be had by all.
Study proves eating disorders aren't limited to adolescent and young adult women.
When in doubt, do front squats. This is one of my favorite strength training mottos (along with "perfect practice makes perfect" and "fast sh*t is still sh*t").
Plan your meals for competition in the same way you plan your workouts.
Here are some of the most common overuse foot conditions that you might come across. And some appropriate ways to manage the dysfunction.
If your brain is being rewritten as a result of the eating disorder, it stands to reason that the changes go beyond just your desire to eat.