You have two choices: Find comfort in excuses or attack training obstacles head on.
There is no better tool to force your entire body to work as one cohesive piece.
Understanding the TGU is the first step to not hating them.
We have an obligation to teach future generations how to be healthy, above all else.
Knee injury is rarely a knee problem, but rather a hip, knee, ankle problem.
Maybe we should spend less time studying how other people use social media and turn our lens inward.
It is a risky mistake to direct every person toward competitive athletics, when what they want is general health.
In training, it's not your gender that matters. Only your goals.
Simplicity isn't sexy, but it's the only "weird trick" you need to know.
Footwear that focuses on style and marketing isn't helping your foot function as designed.
If we all know the things we're supposed to do, what stops us from doing them?
There are no inherently dangerous exercises, just instances when demand exceeds current capacity.
Here are some great gift ideas for you or the traceur in your life.
The solution to the health crisis that plagues our country lies in how we teach our children to be healthy.
Organisms construct their DNA using building blocks they get from food so, maybe you are, in fact, what you eat.
Everything that you are now is the result of the choices you have made.
How to naturally leverage the benefits of your body's growth hormones without risking your longevity.