There’s no point in living in fear.
Most athletes focus too much on the primary muscles, meaning legs, quads, hamstrings, the big muscle groups.
There is no doubt that if a runner regularly hits the hills, they get stronger, more powerful, and ultimately faster.
This article isn't about whether you should or shouldn’t go vegan as an athlete. It's about doing the best with the choices you make, whatever your reasons.
The most important choice is to find a stretch program that has a clear method, core principles, and certified fitness and wellness professionals.
By consistently facing physical resistance we gain confidence that permeates every other meaningful life endeavor.
By using double barrel rolls, you can stimulate a muscle across every inch of every rep.
Modern norms have created devastating global health picture and all signs point to this trend worsening in our youngest generation.
The exercise is deceptively simple, but there are a series of brilliant elements that come together to make it so effective.
You may come up against a bigger, stronger opponent. You should have the tools to escape, evade, and defend yourself and it starts with a strong body.
Trusting the process means understanding your intention.
Focusing on the small steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis is the key to success.
Too many limit themselves by a self-fulfilling prophecy about the limits of their own willpower.
A weightlifter should strive to be in the optimal weight category for their body to be able to perform the best they can.
What could be more important than mastering yourself so that you can become the person you want to be?
Why has it become normal to need extra helpings in the form of bottled pills and powdered scoops?
Fitness and life should be messy, beautiful, and human.