Bullying is known to contribute to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, and now it turns out that it can also be responsible for serious physical problems as well.
Chasing the latest fitness trend may not be the best or safest way to reach optimal health.
Your legs were meant to do more than programmed movement patterns.
A full 30-minute mobility and active recovery routine that you can follow any day or as a supplement to your strength training.
Exercise programs help reduce inequalities in physical activity.
You aren't permanently doomed to be scrawny; you just need a more intelligent plan.
The way your child starts the day can have a huge impact on their overall health.
Just because a technique is old, doesn't make it ineffective.
The game has gotten stronger and faster. Have you?
You aren't going to get huge following a plan designed for a pro bodybuilder.
Certain parts of the country are more prone to certain causes of death, so choose your lifestyle carefully.
Your meal strategy has been making you gain weight all along.
CrossFit does not follow the distinctions of weightlifting or powerlifting and instead will use terms like ground-to-overhead, or shoulder-to-overhead to describe barbell movements.
Here is a video of the exercises I recommend to strengthen your rotator cuff and prevent injury.
You can listen to music, but most other cell phone activities have physical repercussions.
Forget percentages of your 1RM, forget complicated periodization plans - just put more weight on the bar and do more reps. It's that simple. Learn the facts behind progressive strength training.
Squats should be working your legs and glutes. But when your grip is too wide, they don't do that any more.