When problems arise in your life, sometimes you need action, not just sympathy. And deadlifts.
For the average person, a sedentary person, the hamstring shortens considerably and unfortunately, males who typically have tight hip flexors exacerbate this tightening and wound the muscle fibers.
If you're doing all the right things and still struggling, it's time to ask for help.
Run with less pain and with the added bonus of running faster.
Can some muscles tolerate more frequency than others?
By focusing our efforts, just as we did in the battle against cigarettes, we’ll be able to clarify directives and wither away the biggest problem.
The science is clear on the requirements for physical improvement, so why do so many people fail to do it?
We fall victim to procrastination, multitasking, feeling victimized when we can change the way we do things if we just stay focused.
Could there really be a moral obligation to respect and train our physical bodies?
Top officials are well into retirement age while the generation that should be replacing them is often missing in action.
It doesn’t matter what you’re training toward or the particular sport or art—it may be time to empty your cup.
Height loss in postmenopausal women can increase the risk of death and diseases but, strenuous activity as a teenager was found protective for later life.
Flexibility with little strength through an increased range of motion (ROM) does very little for a person and can be a set up for injury.
Drop the fantasy, and develop a mindset cooperates with reality and the basic truths that allow you to move toward mastery and achievement of your goals.
Men with a stronger grip were more likely to be married than men with weaker grips.
CrossFit's Open and online qualifiers continue to demand greater all-round ability and challenge athletes at all levels to aim higher.
Your level of priority to assess, review, and reverse postural issues should be high.