A faster and more biomechanically efficient pull awaits.
Careful dosages of “improper” alignment can help prevent injury when doing athletic movement.
Do not go gently into the good night - life is always full of possibilities for accomplishment and change.
Make small changes that over time will add up to something big.
The job of your brain is to keep us alive and it doesn't don't care whether or not we lose 15 pounds.
Time under load toughens the body and helps prevent injury for long term health and safety.
Creating addiction is an especially profitable business model, and business is booming in every segment of our society.
Nations with doping cultures must continue to be heavily sanctioned if the sport is to continue to grow.
Full lifts are, especially for young and beginner athletes, an excellent strategy to facilitate the acquisition of fundamental motor skills while fostering optimal physical development.
To get the most from your fitness in 2018, start with an honest assessment of your needs.
Maybe, just maybe, a little pain can help you gain, it depends on how you approach it.
The fitness industry is a service industry so, you better get used to demanding better service or lose out in bigger ways than you anticipated.
Maybe this year it is time for a different approach if you have been unsuccessful in the past.
Do things that others find absurd, make sacrifices that put you at odds with your culture, and test yourself against standards far outside of what is popularly relevant.
A 25 minute flow to help you with active recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of the shoulder area.
The biggest improvement in our society’s health may come from a strong dose of common sense.
Whatever the past year brought you, it's time to stay in the moment and put the lessons learned to good use in a new year.