Balance and locomotion, lower risk of injury, and quality of breathing - possessing a strong neck has an upside for anyone.
Women undergoing menopause are the hardest hit by increased problems with sleep and sex.
A precise balance of work in the gym will produce an athlete who can out-accelerate the competition.
This system may prevent disruption of our food chain, and protect consumers from contamination.
Handstand pushups will be the deciding factor in this one.
The way your body works has a lot to do with the environment you place it in.
Fast food ads hit obesity-prone children harder.
What makes the concentric movement less effective in building muscle and strength is the same thing that makes it great as a conditioning tool.
Spending a bit more time in the sunlight can do wonders for the pounding in your head.
This is a great option for those busy days when you can barely squeeze in any training.
The correct recruitment of the smaller muscle groups is typically much greater in single leg movements, compared to its dual-legged counterpart.
The best education system in the world can't do anything if parents aren't holding up their end of the deal at home.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids in pregnancy reduced the absolute risk of persistent wheeze or asthma and infections of the lower respiratory tract in offspring.
Without an objective plan and a good sense of what hunger means, things will fall apart.
Brazil nuts are so loaded with testosterone precursors that an increase in levels is almost guaranteed.
When you are more in love with your athletes' success than your own ideas, you can start to change the game.
The advice you've been getting from the magazines and your girlfriends may be exactly what's holding you back.