Flexibility 101 - A program to cultivate a strong base in basic beginner fitness and and flexibility.


Whoever you are, properly programming the hip hinge will increase your performance in and out of the gym as well as giving you an attractive, developed backside. What's not to like.
Here's how you can use research to guide your lifting life.
Treat your ankles with the same attention you give the rest of your joints, and you might be surprised what happens.
Many things are based on opinion or belief—from religion to politics to daily habits to relationships. However, science is the one thing that should escape any form of bias.
Kettlebells and Yoga - Creative. Fun. Fitness Flows.
If you’re not training your muscles at different angles, you’re leaving precious gains on the table.
Since 1970, we’ve seen obesity triple in youth ages 6-19.
This study may lead to more research on how the skin is an integral player in metabolic responses and control which could help create new ways of dealing with aging through diet.
Handstands might be simple, but they aren't easy. Paying attention to how your hands interface with the ground will make them easier.
How much time do you spend tweaking your workout playlist, versus actually working out?
According to research out of Duke University Medical Center, there is one "master cell" responsible for controlling all your habits.
One day, you may get to a point when you’re on the roller for 10 minutes at the start of every session and you ask yourself, "Why am I not training yet?"
Menopause can make you feel very isolated and as though nobody truly understands what you are experiencing, but nothing is farther from the truth.
A third camera on your phone would be able to analyze the colors on liquid and paper-based medical tests (similar to a paper litmus test) and translate their outcomes into diagnoses.
It's time for professional track athletes to be paid for what they do.
Facing your own weaknesses can challenge even your most fundamental principles.
Eating at the right times will give your body the fuel required to push through a challenging workout, activate fatty acids for energy burning, and promote muscle growth.
Men and women deserve the same opportunities in strength training but there are also differences that need to be addressed.