With so much fitness advice out there, you wouldn't think people could get training so wrong.
Nothing will expose your mobility or stability problems faster than squatting with a weight over your head.
People who taste bitter flavors more intensely tend to enjoy the flavor of salt more intensely as well.
Weightlifting is enjoying a surge in popularity, but it might not be the best tool for every athlete.
Air pollution can negatively impact pulmonary function, making it harder for blood to reach the lungs, so be careful where you choose to exercise.
Many mental health disorders have been found to be associated with abnormalities in heart function and blood pressure.
Consumption of sugar has long been condemned, however the alternatives of “calorie-free” natural and artificial sweeteners, have also been a major source of concern.
Who is better equipped to prepare you for your pro day than the coach who got you ready to turn pro in the first place?
Embrace some irregularity in your program, and you'll end up prepared for anything.
Only training what you're good at won't make you better for very long.
Prepping for the CrossFit Open, you may think you understand the lifting movements, but CrossFit has its own spin on things.
Through honey bee brood, we may be able to find a new way to feed ourselves when the human population grows out of control.
College-level athletes should be in the prime of their lives and in peak physical condition, yet football season strains and ages their hearts.
There are concrete reasons why you are setting yourself up to fail every December 31st.
These two exercises are perfect for people who have trouble reaching full thoracic extension, i.e. everybody.
Overall, American children have begun to eat more healthy foods, and are taking steps to avoid empty calories.
There is no sport or training modality that combines the physical and mental challenges of MMA.