Football Linemen More Susceptible to Heat Illness

Between 1960 and 2009, 123 high school football players died from heat-related illness. A new study suggests the risks are highest for linemen.

Study Sheds Light on the Best Indicators of Fatigue in Baseball Pitchers

Knowing when an athlete has reached his or her limit is a key element of coaching. A new study examined the best ways to determine fatigue in baseball pitchers.

The Reliability of the NFL-225 Bench Press Test

New research confirmed the NFL-225 test is a reliable indicator of strength and endurance in football players.

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Is it Okay to Switch Citizenship Just for a Gold Medal?

People change citizenship all the time. But when it comes to the Olympics, is it okay for someone to leave their country for no other reason than to have a better chance at winning gold medals?

How to Strengthen the Abductors and Adductors for Hockey

I am going to teach you how to locate weaknesses that lead to overuse injuries. These issues can be addressed easily by training muscle groups responsible for maintaining hip stability.

Don't Be Shy: Grunting Improves Performance in Tennis Players

If you've ever watched a tennis match, you know the players make a lot of noise. A new study asks whether grunting is actually helpful, or just a waste of energy.

Plyometric Exercises Improve Athleticism in Youth Soccer Players

A new study found adding plyometrics into an adolescent soccer program improved the players' performance in general physical fitness assessments.

How We Can Apply the Olympics to Our Own Training

Olympians are glorified and their success is celebrated worldwide. But at what cost? And what does it have to do with each of us and the time we spend in the gym?

5 Lessons the Olympics Teach Us about Sport and Life

While the Olympics might also seem over the top, one thing is also certain - the Olympics captivate our attention. They do so because the Olympics teach us many lessons about sport and life.

Technology Doping in the Olympics: Cheating or Progress?

Drugs aren't the only controversial thing about the Olympics. The doping debate surrounding the 2014 Olympic Games also relates to use of technology in sport.

Join Our New In-Season Baseball Training Program

Our new cycle of Sport Specific Workouts is a twelve-week program for in-season baseball. Here's a bit about how the program is structured and what it aims to achieve.

Drug Use in Sports: Can We Ignore It Any Longer?

Since the earliest records there have always been people who pushed the boundaries and sought an edge. Cycling may have the worst reputation of all sports. But is it really the worst?

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