China Regains Medal Lead, U.S. Close Behind

Kristin Armstrong wins the cycling time trial. Lochte and Phelps both qualify for the 200m individual medley swim event. And one Williams sister loses, while the other continues on.

Michael Phelps Officially Winningest Olympian in History

At the end of today's events, Michael Phelps now is officially the winningest Olympian of all time with 19 medals - 15 of those being gold. Read on for more Olympic updates.

Bearer of the Flag: Two-Time Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis Goes For Gold Again

Do you know anything about the Olympian that was chosen to carry the flag in the 2012 Opening Ceremony? Learn all about two-time Gold medalist in women's sabre fencing, Mariel Zagunis.

17 Medals, 5 Golds - Team U.S.A. Continues to Perform

The medals continue to rack up for the U.S.A. 17 medals so far, 5 of them gold. For a quick recap of the events and upcoming events to watch out for, read on.

U.S. Close Behind China in Medal Count

11 medals for the United States! Read all about the new developments in several Olympic events today, including swimming, shooting, and tennis.

Four Medals for Team USA: Day 1 of the 2012 Olympic Games

The 2012 Olympic Games are off to a running start, and the United States is second in the medal count. Read on for more details about today's events!

A Recap of Olympic Proportions: 7 Articles on Games Past and Present

With the Olympic Games starting this week, we couldn't help but bring out some of our best posts on Olympic athletes and events. Enjoy these articles and the Games!

Off and Running: The 2012 London Olympics Begin Tonight

The anticipation is over as the London 2012 Olympics will officially begin tonight with the opening ceremony. Check in every day at 4pm from now through 8/12 for your Olympic Games recap!

Superior Fitness Rules Tennis Today

Tennis has come a long way - from full-length dresses to the Williams sisters. Part of this evolution has been in fitness and the attention to the nutrition that has created elite tennis athletes.

Science Says: The Bigger Your Bench the Better Your Bat Speed

How much can you bench? Science says the more you can bench the better your bat speed in baseball. And if you're a serious baseball player, that's important. So get benching!

Measuring a Marathon: The Science Behind Measurement at the Olympics

Who measures out the courses at the Olympics and how do they know they're accurate? Turns out it's a giant team of researchers and some seriously high-tech equipment.

Testosterone Testing May Unfairly Target Female Olympians

Drug tests are de rigueur at the Olympics, but new testosterone testing requirements for female athletes could pose problems for women with naturally high levels.

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