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This week I set a new PR on my hook grip hold - 500lbs for one minute. I've included a video with tips for improving your hook grip without doing too much damage to your hands.
I had some PRP treatment done on my adductor this week and also cut out carbs, so I lifted less than usual. In the video I've included some footage of the circuit training I do when not competing.
I was traveling this week so I only had a few training sessions. In the video I've shared some advice for organizing your training while focusing on multiple goals at one time.
I haven't worked on my hook grip in a while, so decided to give it a go this week. Check out the video for some helpful stretches to do before squatting sessions as well.
This week training I did lots of sled work, mace swings, and more bottoms up kettlebell presses. I included a video on how to do mace swings and why they are beneficial for shoulder health.
Sometimes people take themselves too seriously with their lifting. Why? Because it's fun. This week I decided to hit a PR on bottoms up kettlebell presses - for no good reason except I wanted to.
This week I got back to doing heavy bottoms up kettlebell presses for the first time since my bicep injury. My groin pain seems to be better so I also included a squat session.
In an uncharacteristic move, I decided to skip squat day this week since I had some groin pain. I did get in some conventional deficit deadlifts, which I haven't done in 7 or 8 years.
This week was a good week for my deadlift. On Saturday I decided to try some dimel deadlifts after not doing them for about four years and hit six reps at 650lbs.
I hit triples this week on my squats and was pretty happy about that. I'm still taking a break from heavy deadlifts and my adductors are pretty fried so I'm being smart about accessory work.
I had a solid training week and finished it with a powerlifting meet at my gym. Here are some of the performances from our gym members.
This week I made some real progress on my squats - five singles with 600 pounds plus chains. I felt a little tweak in my shoulder during the bench press but managed to still get in some volume.
Two weeks of lifting heavy on all three lifts without a ramp up took its toll on my body. Plus I’m just a weak ass bitch who needs to get stronger.
I got sick again this week but that wasn't going to stop me. I made progress with my hook grip work and noticed improvement in my shoulder mobility.
It’s finally time to quit messing around and start putting some heavy weight back on the bar. I plan on competing a couple times this summer and want to be ready.
This week I'll share some of the things I'm doing to check my squat for weaknesses and get my leg and glute firing the way they should be.
This week I share a video of the gym co-owner moving some serious weight. There's some funny competition going on at the gym and also some good news about my bicep injury.
I was sick this week but still competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge as I had planned. I have some video from the event plus a bonus video of toddler-assisted mobility work.