CrossFit and MMA Should Be Olympic Events

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Let's be honest, CrossFit and MMA are more popular than sport climbing and boxing these days. So, why are we looking at the latter at the Olympics in Tokyo and not the former?


It could be that the process of getting on the docket with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a long one, and a minefield of politics and considerations.



Both CrossFit and MMA are now legitimately owned by the big financial players who are looking for broad market appeal and profits, and what better endorsement than a place at the Olympics.


Both CrossFit and MMA are within reach of most populations but come on, they have surfing at this year's games, too. Granted, the bloat that is the Olympics these days makes for a lack of focus and drama which may have fragmented the audiences for the events and reduced viewing dramatically.


I mean, why do we want to try and find our way through hundreds of hours of event programming when we are barely connected to the participants or their disciplines (Olympic viewing figures are down).


Track and field is still the main draw, and everything else is kind of meh. Obviously not to people who like sculling or surfing or show jumping.


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