World Record for Axle Press Broken by Iron Biby

Douglas Perry

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Iron Biby, the Burkino Faso-born strongman born Cheick Sanou, has broken the world record for the axle press held by World's Strongest Man champion, Eddie Hall since 2017. Iron Biby broke the record by lifting 478.4 lbs (217 kg) at the Albert Hall in London, England, right in Hall's backyard.


That didn't stop Hall from promoting the lift on his Instagram feed and lauding his fellow strongman's strength. "I've seen him do 230 kg in training at his home gym," write Hall in his post.



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The axle press is the strongman equivalent of a clean and jerk with the major difference being that you can do almost anything to get the weight over your head short of bringing in a forklift.


The bar, as implied by the name axle, is much thicker than a traditional weightlifting bar so, there's no easy grip and lots of grip changes as it make its way up the lifter's body, taking various rest stops on parts of the torso.

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