A Roller to Mobilize Your Muscles

Cara Kobernik

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Sometimes foam rollers and stretching aren’t enough to reach the deep, dark places of our screamingly sore muscles. Supporting mobility through increasing blood flow to these areas is a critical component of training for many athletes of all levels. Have you ever had a massage and the therapist finds a sore spot you didn’t know existed? The Mobilizer by Simple Mobility Tools (SMT) replicates that concept and allows you to dig in to any area with tension relieving results.


Mobilizer in use



What's Different About the Mobilizer?

The Mobilizer comes in three sizes and can be used on your calves, hips, hamstrings, feet, and back—in particular the thoracic spine. I used it on my triceps and quads as well. These tools are designed to help restore mobility with regular use.


Unlike foam rollers, the Mobilizer isn’t necessarily meant to be rolled on, even though it has wheels. These wheels are hard—think inline skate wheels—and they have an adjustable width. The technique is to place the unit on the floor and simply lie down on it, adjusting it to find a sore spot as you begin to apply pressure. It is easy to find sore and tight spots due to the hard plastic of the wheels. While foam rollers generally compress the whole area, the Mobilizer finds the tight spots and digs in with vengeance.


Mobilizer collage


The Mobilizer Did the Job

I really liked these tools. My favorite use was along my thoracic back, my biggest area of issue. I started near my neck and progressively worked down until the curve in my back began. I felt immediate relief with each use. My second favorite areas to work on were my hamstrings and calves. I am a runner, and tight calves are always an issue for me.


The rollers are sold individually, so if you are planning to purchase one, I would recommend the middle size, but I was able to use all three sizes on all areas with ease, so you really can’t go wrong. They would all be great for travel, but the smallest size would work well for working on your back while sitting during trips in a car or plane. These tools get a thumbs-up from me.


Mobilizer At a Glance


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