How to Beat Shoulder Pain (and Still Lift)

If you're fighting shoulder pain to get under the squat bar, give these compression techniques a go.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 4: Tuck Support to Shoulderstand

In episode four, Dusty takes us through all positions we've learned so far.

Ben Musholt - 4 Inventive Uses for a Stability Ball (Video)

A demonstration and explanation of four stability ball exercises to replace common machines and movements.

A Quest for the World Speed Record in Kiteboarding (Friday Flick)

Watch this video to see how professional kiteboarder Rob Douglas trained to reclaim his title as the fastest human under sail.

Progressing the Pistol Using the Rings: Why I Was Wrong (Video)

I've changed my mind about using the rings to advance your pistol skills, and here's why.

Ben Musholt - 2 Plank Wall Traverse Variations (Video)

This is a fantastic whole body movement, and a fun progression from the basic static plank.

2 Ways to Pivot Out From an Attack in Muay Thai (Video)

Today I'm going to show you how to use the hook and the cross to counterattack.

161kg Deadlift-Clean-Squat-Jerk-Complex: James Tatum (Friday Flick)

James Tatum only started weightlifting in 2011. Here he performs a tough weightlifting complex at over double bodyweight.

Ben Musholt - 3 Twisting Shoulder Press Variations (Video)

A demonstration of three exercises to simultaneously develop core and shoulder strength.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai (Video)

There's no absolute right or wrong technique for wrapping your hands, but this is my favorite method and it works well.

The Heaviest Deadlifts in Human History (Friday Flick)

If you're planning to go and pick up something heavy this weekend, check out this video first.

Ben Musholt - 5 Kneeling Get Up Variations (Video)

In this video, Ben demonstrates the basic kneeling get up along with five challenging variations: prisoner, weight plate, kettlebell, barbell, and dumbbells.

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