2 Critical Exercises to Prepare Your Feet for Minimalist Footwear

If your feet hurt in your new minimalist shoes, lack of preparation may be to blame.

4 Back Bridge Holds for Strength and Flexibility (Video)

This bodyweight hold will help you cross the bridge to athletic longevity.

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach

Want to be a better coach? These simple techniques will help you along your way.

A Simple Hip and Back Stretch for Chronic Sitters

This exercise is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time sitting and has tight hips and low back.

A One-Legged Squat to Improve Strength and Balance (Video)

You'll be a big fish in a little pond when you can crank out reps of the shrimp squat.

5 Simple Ways to Stretch Out and Loosen Up (Video)

Al is not only a master of bodyweight strength but also of flexibility. Here, he teaches you the twist hold.

Mind Clutter? Clear Negative Thoughts With This Detox Yoga Flow

Detox begins in the mind and keeps those negative thoughts at bay.

Combat Asymmetrical Sports Postures With 2 Simple Fixes (Video)

These will help athletes in sports like snowboarding, golf, tennis, surfing, or racquetball.

Do This Quick Yoga Flow for a Calmer, Happier Holiday

Gain a centered place of gratitude and a dose of perspective with this quick yoga flow.

5 Plank Variations and How to Spice Them Up (Video)

To become strong and stable, include the plank and its several variations in your bodyweight regimen.

Fix Your Posture and Strengthen Your Body With Standing Windmill (Video)

Combat your slumped, sitting posture with this easy and effective exercise.

Yoga Drill to Strengthen the Core and Activate the Glutes (Video)

With this exercise we are specifically recruiting the strength of the glutes and the rectus abdominis.

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