Friday Flicks

Kilian Martin: Altered Route - Skateboarding (Friday Flick)

Stop for a second and marvel at this incredible infusion of skateboarding, gymnastics, and dance.

A Quest for the World Speed Record in Kiteboarding (Friday Flick)

Watch this video to see how professional kiteboarder Rob Douglas trained to reclaim his title as the fastest human under sail.

161kg Deadlift-Clean-Squat-Jerk-Complex: James Tatum (Friday Flick)

James Tatum only started weightlifting in 2011. Here he performs a tough weightlifting complex at over double bodyweight.

The Heaviest Deadlifts in Human History (Friday Flick)

If you're planning to go and pick up something heavy this weekend, check out this video first.

Rise and Shine: Find Your Greatness - Nike Commercial (Friday Flick)

Have you ever woken up knowing that you need to get up, get going, and get training, but all you really want to do is stay in bed? Then treat this video as your wake-up call.

Friday Flicks: Eric Lilliebridge and Family - The Bonds That Hold

What makes Eric Lilliebridge such a good powerlifter? He is the world record holder in the squat at 275 pounds at only 23 years of age. Many would say his family are the source of his strength.

Friday Flicks: Lydia Valentin 140kg Clean Slow Motion

This is Lydia Valentin, a Spanish weightlifter. It is simply the best example we have seen of keeping the bar close throughout the entire lift.

Friday Flicks: Orienteering - The Hubmann Brothers (Go Hard or Go Home)

Meet the Hubmann brothers - two of the best orienteers in the world. Watch them battle it out, moving at breakneck speeds under, over, and through some diverse natural terrain.

Friday Flicks: Windsurfing Through Hurricane Conditions - Red Bull Storm Chase Final 2014

This is windsurfing in the most insane winds you can find. This is the final of the Red Bull Storm Chase.

Friday Flicks: Squat Contest - Powerlifter, Weightlifter, Strongman, and Bodybuilder

Four strength athletes, one challenge - to squat the most reps with bodyweight on the bar in five minutes. Who will be champion?

Friday Flicks: Strongman - A Brief Introduction

There is no doubt that strongmen of old were incredibly strong, in ways that many today try to emulate. Watch this video to be taken on a journey of strength from ancient times to modern day.

Friday Flicks: Sasha DiGiulian - First Ascent Sport Climbing in South Africa

Enjoy this video of accomplished young climber Sasha DiGiulian completing a stunning first ascent in Waterval Boven, South Africa.

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