Strength Training

5 Strategies to Become a Better Coach

Want to be a better coach? These simple techniques will help you along your way.

5 Short Drills to Make the Secret Places Stronger (Video)

People often forget about the secret places - in particular the shoulders, midsection, glutes, and ankles. Here's are some drills to strengthen these areas.

A Lesson in Stability for Strength and Fitness (Video)

Stability doesn’t mean you have to do some boring rehab program. Most people are surprised how hard this concept makes their training.

Glute Activation Warm Up for Squats and Deadlifts (Video)

I used this last year to prepare for both my squat and deadlift workouts leading up to a world record squat.

A Lesson in Force Absorption for Greater Power (Video)

These methods will rapidly accelerate your results, but also teach the body to work more efficiently.

A Challenging Sandbag and Kettlebell Workout (Video)

This workout takes you through four tough movements to build a strong foundation for the weeks ahead.

How to Beat Shoulder Pain (and Still Lift)

If you're fighting shoulder pain to get under the squat bar, give these compression techniques a go.

Video: The Importance of Lat Involvement for Benching

This video will examine how developing your lats is an effective way of improving your bench press, along with some cues and tips on how to do so.

Friday Flicks: From 0 to 600lb in 30 Seconds

Watch this short video of Max Aita squatting his way up from an empty bar to 600lbs in the space of thirty seconds while the bar remains on his back.

Super D Video: Ankle Mobility Secrets

This exercise is great for lateral movement, and all you need is a band. Stay diligent and see results in a week's time. Increase your poundages without getting stronger!

Super D Video: Raw Squat Program

Today we are doing raw speed squats with half the usual band tension, to help us prepare for max effort day in four days time.

Video: Christmas Extravaganza - Mobility and Movement Ideas for the Holidays

I'll show you some mobility drills and exercises ideas to keep you going over the holidays. Plus a bonus magic paleo meal trick.

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