12 Reps – The Breaking Muscle Digest – Vol. 1, Issue 7

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

We’re back with twelve more interesting, inspiring, and informative articles, training programs, and videos chosen with love just for you, our loyal reader.

Spring is here, and we’ve got a bumper crop of great content this week. We have rowing technique tips for your CrossFit Open pleasure, nutrition guidance from Kalli Youngstrom (pictured above), and delicious recipes to eat when your training is done.

Video of the Week:

An Easy Drill to Instantly Improve Your Rowing Efficiency – Don’t let poor rowing efficiency rob you of energy you’ll need for other parts of your workout.

Featured Article of the Week:

The Breaking Muscle Podcast – Be Your Own “Roll” Model With Jill Miller

In this episode of Breaking Muscle Radio, Jill Miller talks about good versus bad pain, dispels fascia myths, and explains how to determine the right dosage of mobility work for you.

Breaking Muscle Radio, Episode 12: Be Your Own Roll Model With Jill Miller

Reader Favorites of the Week:

Why “IIFYM” Isn’t a Good Fit for Me – Kalli Youngstrom weighs in on the “if it fits your macros” approach to nutrition. Now, you can also catch up with Kalli in our forums and ask her any questions you might have on nutrition.

CrossFitters: The Three Letters You Need to Know in Supplements – You will always start from a rock-solid foundation of whole foods, but when small performance improvements mean a lot, supplements can make the difference.

You Need Natural Movement – As we embrace every comfort we can buy from heated seats to padded exercise equipment (sit while working your legs?), our bodies adapt downward to require these crutches. Consider turning the trend around.

How to Find the Perfect Work-to-Rest Ratio for Your HIIT Workout – HIIT and other interval workouts remain popular, but the principles are often misapplied. Simon Kidd uses the research to teach us how to get the results we want.

How to Grill, Roast, and Stew Meat Like a Pro – So begins our series on basic techniques you can use to make all kinds of wonderful meals.

Workout Programs:

Ashtanga-Inspired Flows for Mindfulness and Mobility – Two days per week of yoga topped off with a meditation session on the third day. Includes a detailed video to guide you through the flow.

Mommy Workout: Diastasis Recti Recovery – A six-week program for moms who are looking for a gentle and effective way to rebuild core strength and stability.

Prepare for the Mental Challenge: Yoga and Half Marathon Training – Use this twelve-week, seven-day-per-week program to prepare your body and mind for a 13.1 mile race. Check out our new workout formatting while you’re there.

From the Archives:

4 Lessons CrossFitters can Learn From Bodybuilders – While the bodybuilder aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, they do know a thing or two about training, discipline, and commitment. Don’t be ignorant of a resource simply because you don’t buy into all of it.

How to Develop the Coaching Eye for Weightlifting – Veteran weightlifting coach Bob Takano teaches us how to be more observant coaches.

pork chops with green beans

We hope you enjoy these selections – see you all next week for another installment.

The Breaking Muscle Team

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