2014 T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

We received several excellent submissions to the T-shirt contest. You chose these two in a tie!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for our 2014 T-shirt design contest. It came down to just a few entries before readers voted, and that vote ended up in a tie. Which is great, because we couldn’t choose just one, either!

Since there is a tie, we thought it only fair to award both designers the full $100 prize and a T-shirt (of their own design!), as well as put their designs and information up on the site.

We are so excited to have such talented and engaged readers. Not only were we able to source the designs from the community, but then the community told us which designs were the favorites. Thank you all so much for participating.

Look for the first printing of Breaking Muscle T-shirts featuring these designs to be available soon.

This First Set Is From Tracy Dyer:



– OR –

Tracy Dyer, despite the name, is a dude. He’s the husband of one, father of three, and a web developer who lives in the middle of nowhere (AKA central Illinois).

Tracy lost over 100lbs almost ten years ago and has made it his life work to keep it off. At age forty, he’s recently decided to give CrossFit a shot. So yeah, he’s crazy! He can be contacted at [email protected].

The Second Design Is From Adrian Pujayana:

Adrian Pujayana is a private practice chiropractor in South Pasadena of fourteen years, an NATA Certified Athletic Trainer, and an NSCA-CSCS. Aside from being an avid reader of Breaking Muscle for current discussions in the functional training world, he spends free time doing photography and graphic design and composing music.

Adrian loves the intensity of circuit-based functional/strength training, and this, he says, is what provides the foundation for his patients’ progress while cared for at his chiropractic and strength clinic.

In January of 2014, Adrian contracted a severe case of the H1N1 (swine flu), the strain that took so many lives of healthy young men and women. It almost took his, too. Through a recovery plan of his own design, he has regained nearly all of the thirty pounds he lost during that ordeal. He now uses the same recovery plan to help others to recover from similarly profound illnesses.

Adrian can be contacted through his website, Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena.

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