2017 CrossFit Open Preparation: 8 Weeks of Workouts and Coaching Part II

The final 4 weeks of your open preparation means that you are that much closer to reaching your goals.

The CrossFit Open is coming up between February 23 and March 27 in 2017. This is the final 4 week phase of preparation leading up the competition. For a full review of why the Open is a good way to build a fitness plan that is goal oriented and clearly directed, check out the 2017 CrossFit Open Preparation: 8 Weeks Of Workouts And Coaching.

The last 4 weeks of workouts as part of this program are available for download at the bottom of this article. You can also check out my movement library here.

I have a series of videos that I have prepared as part of the preparation, instructions that you can carry with you through all your fitness competition training as well as preparing for the Open and beyond. These have appeared separately in other articles, but they are collected here, in one place for you to review.

At the end of all of this preparation and discussion, you will be fully armed and ready to tackle any level of competition training. 

In this first video, I talk about preparing for the Open: the whys and the hows.

CrossFit Competition Series #1 from Breaking Muscle on Vimeo.

Nex, I give you an overview of what a year-long training program looks, and how you might want to think about your training timeline in the longer term. This is of great use to people who may springboard for the upcoming Open prep work to committing to a program that takes them through to the 2018 competitions.

Next, I get into the weightlifting movements in CrossFit. They are not traditional and do require a different approach.

In the following video, we take a look at the specifics of the movements and strategies for coping for the intensity of competition while maintaining the correct approach.

There are exercises that you should also consider that are sometimes overlooked by people in their training.

Finally, one key element of strategy and CrossFit performance is barbell cycling. Again, not a traditional weightlifting setup and flow but absolutely necessary if you are to succeed at CrossFit and be effective in your lifts.

Remember to keep an eye out for more instructions on competition prep. We will be following the Open workouts as they are posted and I will be giving you, as I do all my athletes, strategies to get the best performance for each workout. 

Otherwise, enjoy the training and have some fun with it no matter what else you do.

Download 2017 CrossFit Open Prepatory Workouts Week 5-8 Now

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