8 Weeks to a Faster 1K Row

Few things test your anaerobic power and aerobic capacity as fully as a thousand meters, all-out, on the erg.

Whether you are a masters rower or simply a CrossFitter looking to improve your work capacity, this training plan is for you. The 1K sprint row is a test of both power and aerobic capacity, so if you can improve your time in the 1K, it will carry over to everything else, as well.

The workouts in this plan can be done on the Concept 2 or on the water. There are sessions for power and sprinting, as well as longer workouts to improve your anaerobic threshold. These workouts will combine to optimize your fitness for the 1K, so that hopefully it only takes twice as long as your 500m!

Specific movements and protocols to warm up before you get on the rower can be found in this previous article.

I have also included a short weight training workout each day, to be performed 15-50 minutes after the rowing workout. The exercises included will help you mobilize, strengthen, and increase power in the main muscle groups used for rowing.

At the end of 8 weeks, there is a 1K test, so you can see how much you have improved! Ready to get started?

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