A Unified Theory of Human Movement

To get the most from the body, you must first convince the mind that it is safe.

A common thread among those who have changed the way we think about fitness and movement is that they were dissatisfied with the answers given by existing systems. With so many different exercise methods and scientific explanations out there, you’d think we had cracked the riddle of how to make people strong, capable, and healthy. But if that were the case, we wouldn’t have so many people still struggling to move well, avoid injury, and improve their fitness.

Kevin Moore is among those striving for a better answer. His explorations of biomechanics, Pilates, and dance clashed with the rigid structures imposed by a lab environment, so he struck out to create his own system to explain and improve human movement. The result is the Reembody Method, a modality that combines physics, evolutionary biology, neurology, and fundamental psychology.

Kevin sat down with me to explain how his frustration with the lack of imagination in the health and wellness community drove him to seek out the most useful elements of a variety of different approaches. He unpacks what side dominance really means, and how a sense of environmental safety can unlock movement potential in any situation. When the brain perceives a threat, he explains, it reorganizes itself in a way that may not be conducive to performance, and may even create pain to avoid uncertainty.

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