Andrew Read’s Endurance Athlete Holiday Wish List

Nothing makes a tri geek happier than shiny things with bells and whistles. Here’s a list of some fantastic items for the endurance geek in your life.

EDITORS NOTE:We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Here are ten gift ideas for the hardcore endurance athletes from Andrew Read.

Andrew's Endurance Athlete Holiday Wish List

Nothing makes a tri geek happier than shiny things with bells and whistles. Here’s a list of some fantastic items for the endurance geek in your life.

1. Garmin Vector Pedals – $1,699.99
I actually own a pair of these and can say that using them for training seems like turbo charging the benefits. No more slacking off even slightly, no junk miles – just 100% focus on achieving the goal of the session. For those who race triathlons, these are also a great way to ensure you don’t over spend on the bike leaving you unable to find your legs in your transition bag.

2. Road ID – From $17.99
This is just common sense for anyone who has to spend a lot of time on the road wearing nothing but lycra while metal cages whizz past perilously closely. Every serious cyclist should have one of these.

3. Trigger Point Performance Therapy Cold Roller – $99.99
endurance sports, holiday wish list, holiday guide, gifts for athletesMassage is good for sore muscles, right? And ice is good too, isn’t it? This combines the best of both in an easy to use format. Cryo massage has been around for some time, and I can remember making tiny little Dixie cups of ice to massage myself with. You can do the same thing here but without all the melting.

4. Kona 2014 Ticket – Price Varies
If you’re a serious triathlete then nothing will make you more excited than Kona. But the reality is that qualifying is incredibly difficult and only a few will ever get there. Don’t miss the atmosphere and go and have a holiday while the race is on. Chances are you’ll enjoy yourself more than about 1,500 of the competitors on the day.

5. S-Works Trivent Shoes – $400.00
Because they’re faster to get on and off than a pair of slippers and everyone knows red goes faster.

6. Normatec MVP Recovery Pants – $1,595.00
I put these in last year’s list too, and I still think they’re fantastic. If you think compression wear is a godsend then wait until you have a pair of these. Even if you’re not an endurance guy but want to recover faster after massive leg sessions then these are worth it.

7. Brightly Colored Rowel – Price varies
It sounds silly, but in a big transition area it can be hard to find your bike, even when you’re in the right lane. A brightly colored and unique towel can help to identify your area.

8. Dragon Door Kettlebell – From $41.75
Seriously. They are the ultimate endurance athlete training tool. From recovery and mobility work to stability and strength work, the kettlebell can do it all. Small foot print and if you buy a quality one to start with it’ll last you a lifetime. Men should buy a 16kg and women a 12kg to begin with.

9. Foot Massage – Price varies
Anyone who spends two or more hours running will tell you that a good foot rub is heaven. But there’s some science to it, too. Your foot should have some movement and often people are so bound up and tight that they need all that stiffness broken up. Spend some time to find your endurance partner a clinician who specializes in feet and they’ll thank you forever.

10. Epic Training Camp – $2595.00

If you’re not a professional racer it can be difficult to find time to get in solid training blocks around work. A good solution can be training camps. The added benefit of these is usually they are held somewhere warm while you’re in the middle of winter. Book two tickets and take your partner and enjoy a holiday while they sweat it out.

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