Announcing the “Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief” Giveaway Results!

Last week we reviewed Katy Bowman’s book, “Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief,” and this week we’re giving away a free copy! Read on to see who won the giveaway!

Last week we reviewed Katy Bowman’s excellent book, Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief.

If you have chronic problems with foot pain, or if you’re just interested in the effects of footwear on your feet and alignment, this book is for you. Katy kindly provided a free copy to give to one lucky reader, and today we’re happy to announce the results of the giveaway:

And the winner is… Jill Clappison Dagless!

Congratulations, Jill! We know you’ll enjoy the book, and will be in touch so we can send it your way!

If you missed the review, you can read it here. You can also read Katy’s piece to learn about her approach to human movement, as well as this interview about the pelvic floor. Learn more about Katy’s work by visiting her blog, Katy Says.

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