Apparel for Athletes: Fast-Drying is King

Compression and wicking material makes all the difference when training.

I really like new workout gear, especially items that can be worn in cooler temperatures. Coovy Sports has lots of options when it comes to tops and bottoms for both female and male athletes. They offer compression gear as well as flexible options for various sports and types of fitness.

“Spirit” Long Sleeve Top

The first piece I tried was a top from Coovy’s ATHLETE “Spirit” women’s collection. This top is a mix of polyester with a bit of polyurethane, long sleeved, with a slim fit. This top offers performance features such as quick drying, lightweight fabric and SPF protection 40+. An additional feature of this training top is flat lock seams, which are designed to minimize chafing—something that we all know is a problem when we are wearing sports gear for any length of time.

I wore this top on runs of varying distances, one in a torrential downpour. While my shoes were soaked, the top did dry quickly and wasn’t irritating or heavy when wet. It did a very good job of helping me stay warm in a cold and windy (and wet) environment. The design of this top allowed ease of movement without being too tight or bulky.

The fabric is designed to be anti-odor and washed and dried well after use. A downside of this top would be that it is handwash and air dry only, as is the case with a lot of fitness apparel. I let it soak in mild detergent and cold water, then rinsed and hung the top dry.

Dry Fit Compression Pants

The second piece I tried was a pair of the ATHLETE Women’s Compression Long Pants. These bottoms felt supportive going on. If you haven’t tried compression gear before, these pants are a great one to start with. I wore these on the same soggy run as the top and they were comfortable, even when wet.

These leggings were definitely snug, as they should be, and seemed to shape to my legs as I wore them. The seams weren’t bothersome and the transition between the bottom of the pants and my ankles was comfortable, not too tight. The waistband is wide, so the top of the pants didn’t cut into my belly, yet stayed up without creeping down, another big plus.

Like the top, these pants are a handwash/hang dry item, so be prepared to keep up with the maintenance they need. These didn’t stretch after they were washed, and maintained their compression feature well once they were dry.

A Good Line of Items to Try

Overall, I was impressed with the pieces I tried. This was a line of athletic wear I hadn’t heard of. It fit better than a lot of the department store or sports store generic brands. The material is great, leaps better than an old cotton t-shirt and shorts.

All of the ATHLETE pieces have a 30-day free return, so if things don’t fit, you don’t have to worry, returning or exchanging is easy. And, they offer free shipping, a definite added bonus.

Coovy ATHLETE At a Glance

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