Athlete Journal: Holley Mangold, Entry 17 – One-Armed Snatch Practice

Currently my training is about recovering from getting the metal bar out of my wrist. It’s hard to watch other people lift when I can’t. Here’s some video of my one-armed snatch, though!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the Athlete Journal of Olympic weightlifter Holley Mangold. Follow her journey here as she trains for the 2016 Olympics! Holley’s journal will be posted every Friday. You can catch up by reading her previous journal entries.

Holley’s Athlete Journal 17:

This week I am enjoying being with my friends in Colorado and attempting to not sabotage my healthy diet with too many Thanksgiving helpings. I am trying to keep my mind on training through the holiday instead of indulging.

Currently my training is about recovering from getting the metal bar out of my wrist– I am starting to look normal again post wrist surgery. I only have two sets of scars that look something like vampire bites. It’s hard to see my wrist looking normal and remember that it’s simply not back to full strength. I am still doing one handed snatches, but previously the metal bar was holding me back from flexing. Now I have to try really hard to only flex one side of my body as to not injure the healing wrist. I have to constantly work through attempting to get stronger while managing special exercises for my wrist rehab. On top of my normal lifting, I am trying to incorporate more cardio. A lot of my cardio has some sort of weight resistance built in. The hardest thing about recovery is watching other people do the thing you love. Everyday I go into the gym wanting so much just to be able to lift but I can’t. I’m excited to see the day when I can two-handed snatch like a normal weightlifter.

In the meantime here’s a video of my one-armed snatch:

Below is a sample workout from this week. I hope to keep adding reps and weight in the coming days:

  • One handed snatches up to 50kg
  • One handed pulls up to 130kg
  • Back squat with safety bar up to 175kg set of 2
  • Dumbbell presses with 40lbs 6 sets of 6

Cardio workout:

3 rounds of 4 min. 20secs on 10secs off:

  • Round 1 KB swings
  • Round 2 running stairs
  • Round 3 battling ropes

Then 15 min cool down on elliptical

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