Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 11 – 3/19/2014

Last Saturday I had my second competition of the year. My very first match went about 4.5 minutes until I submitted from injury.

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Athlete Journal Entry 11 – 3/19/2014

I didn’t see that one coming. This past Saturday I had another competition in Philadelphia. This time, it was a submission-only tournament that for some reason had timed rounds. My very first match went about 4.5 minutes until I submitted from injury.

My opponent was a handful, but I felt good until I got swept and felt a big pop in my chest. I knew instantly that the match was over and there was nothing that I could do. I don’t remember if I tapped or verbally submitted. All I can remember is being in an unbelievable amount of pain. It was a few minutes until I was able to be helped up to my feet and walked off the mat, which was extremely embarrassing. I was set down in a chair and looked at by the emergency medical technician who was on hand.

I could not believe how much pain I was in. I was having trouble breathing and there was something moving up and down behind my ribs. The first thought from me and everyone else there was that I cracked a rib. The concern was that I had broken a rib and punctured a lung. I wasn’t worried about the broken rib, but even I wasn’t dumb enough to risk dying from a punctured lung. Since I was competing by myself, the owner of the The Good Fight, which is the name of the promotion, graciously drove me to the emergency room and later picked me up.

I was extremely thankful when I got the diagnosis from the doctor. She explained that it was not a broken rib, but I just pulled a muscle in my stomach wall. This was good to hear because the recovery time for this injury will only be a few weeks, which still sucks, but is a lot better than a few months. I have had the misfortune of suffering an intercostal muscle tear, some broken fingers and toes, compartment syndrome in both calf muscles, a hernia, and an artery bypass in my leg, but this has been one of the most painful injuries to date. But it could be worse, and I am thankful.

Despite my less-than-productive performance, I did take away two important things from this tournament. First, I am not going to compete by myself anymore. If there is no one else from my team competing, then I will just have to wait for the next event. This is something I’ve never considered before, but when I got hurt and was not physically able to drive, I had to rely on someone I never met before to drive me to the hospital, and that wasn’t fair to him.

Second, I need to move down a weight class. This is something I have thought about for a while, and this past weekend was the deciding factor. I have always competed in the 222-lb weight class or the super heavyweight class, and I am just not naturally that big. I don’t have that big of a frame, and my body seems like it is starting to let me down competing against guys who are naturally 220-300lb. When I was competing in professional mixed martial arts a few years ago, I fought at 185lb and considered fighting at 170lb, so getting down to about 208lb won’t be hard at all. This is a much more natural weight and is probably healthier too. Hopefully moving down a class will also prevent some of these injuries I’ve been suffering.

As I stated earlier, I will be out for a few weeks. This means that competing in Boston in three weeks will be tough, but as of right now, I still plan on competing there and then in New York the following week. All I have to do right now is not move and heal up.

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