Athlete Journal: Peter Egyed, Entry 4 – 3/13/12

Peter Egyed talks about the challenges of competing while running a business and having a family, and the joy of seeing your coaches and clients succeed.


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Peter Egyed – Athlete Journal 3/13/12

(Read Peter’s Bio here – he is a veteran of FOUR CrossFit Games!)

Well, another week has passed and we are one week closer to regional qualifiers and the Home Depot Center. We are starting to see more consistent performances rise to the top of the leader boards, and these will be the names we hear and read about through this season. With that in mind, that this sport is seasonal, we need to plan our time through the year so we can still live our lives, while being the best athlete possible. Personally, my best performance needs to be at regionals and my training hours reflect that.

Managing life, business, and a professional sport is no small task and I feel much respect is due to all the top ranking athletes who in between training sessions run a business, have a family, and support their community. Sometimes, for the long-term CrossFitter, success can mean simply maintaining in a few areas, while growing in others. For a successful affiliate owner to maintain a top competitive edge while also starting a family proves these guys and gals are masters of time management, and there are a few of them in the Southwest Region alone.

I felt fortunate last year and through most of it I allotted much of my time to the business side of things and, just like snatching four times a week, it’s paid off. Roughly a year after opening Fury, I was told that great businesses have many moving parts and no single person runs them all. Since then I have surrounded myself with people possessing skills and abilities greater than mine in a variety of areas. Now, as more of my time is dedicated to training and recovery, I have strong and capable individuals with whom to share this load. Never before have I slept so well.

Still I may have a few too many irons in the fire, but honestly who does not? What’s important is I feel capable and motivated for training and that we are right on track. Finally, in this last year or so we have picked up and helped develop phenomenal athletes who day in and day out push me, beat me, and keep me on my toes. Finishing week three I am in 37th place in the region, while the 4th place spot for men and the 11th place spot for women are held by coaches of Fury and my training partners. For that I am more than grateful – I am proud.

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