Athlete Journal: Ruth Anderson Horrell, Entry 3 – 3/15/2013

This week I made the bitterweet trip home to New Zealand. Although I’ll miss my training partners, it was great to share the Open with my community at home.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the athlete journal of Ruth Anderson Horrell, which will be posted every Wednesday. Hailing from New Zealand, Ruth competed in the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games and hopes to do the same in 2013. Check in every week to follow all the ups and downs of Ruth’s training for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Athlete Journal Entry 3 – 3/15/2013: Home from Los Angeles

This week, somewhat reluctantly, I traveled home from Los Angeles, California to Southland, New Zealand. It was an emotional last day in the States. My training partner Lindsey Valenzuela was off to take on Annie Thorisdottir for WOD 13.2, and we knew we weren’t going to see each other for quite some weeks. As training partners you see each other at your best and worst, at times crushing WODs and at other times just defeated and glad the day is done. It’s a close bond that is created through the sharing of dedication to one’s goals, the sharing of pain, and witnessing each other’s triumphs and defeats.

Again I remind myself how fortunate I have been to have been introduced to such an awesome way of life. A sport where even at the top level of individual competition you feel a sense of comradeship and pride not only in yourself but your counterparts.

My first workout when I arrived home was with my box. Seeing the dedication my athletes have to their own health and fitness inspires me further.

Everyone can complain about the open events, standards, judging, and false scores. However, at the end of the day it’s hard to get past how CrossFit has empowered people, enriched their lives, and built an old-fashioned community, where everyone has got each other’s back. Thanks CrossFit!