Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 10 – 6/13/12

Today Travis talks about “tuning in” to your coach or mentor. How this skill is useful for your success inside the gym…and outside the gym.

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Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 6/13/12

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For today’s post, I wanted to share a very simple idea with you all that often gets neglected – especially by those who have been “playing the game” for a while. The old saying “I know just enough to be dangerous” pretty much sums it up perfectly. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, pay attention!

It’s the idea of “Tuning In.” What I mean by this is taking all of your energy and focusing it in on your coach or mentor when he or she is teaching you a new skill or lesson. Obviously this can be applied to learning new lifts or skills that will make you a better athlete, but it can also be hugely beneficial outside of the gym.

Here’s a quick video explaining this idea with a bit more detail.

Enjoy. Absorb. Apply.