Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 11 – 6/20/12

After experiencing a recent back injury I’ve been using that as inspiration to learn something as an athlete and coach. Today I share some of my tips to optimize my recovery and rehab.

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Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 6/20/12

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For this entry, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I focus on to optimize my recovery and rehab. I say “rehab” because of a back injury that happened one week ago while doing cleans off of boxes. I’m not really sure what caused it, but the result was two days of gnarly back spasms that have had me laid up and sitting on the bench, watching my affiliate team workout without me. NOT FUN!

Obviously, this is a horrible time to have something like this happen (if there’s a good time?), but I tried to stay positive and see what I could take from this experience that would make me a better person/athlete. Needless to say, I’ve got a newfound fire for this sport! When I’m 100% – it’s ON!

With all that being said, let’s get to the good stuff! It’s a longer video, but the information can be extremely powerful if you choose to apply it in your daily routine. Enjoy!

To do the “couch stretch” Travis mentions in his video, watch Kelly Starrett’s video.