Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 18 – 8/18/12

This week Travis finds the fun in fitness again, as he puts together a group of hardcore athletes to do strength work each afternoon.

Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 8/18/12

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Not a lot going on this week, guys and gals. It’s been hot as hell in Austin, but that nothing new. Hahaha.

The biggest thing going on is the development of the 1:00pm SWOD crew that is made up of several of the CrossFit Central coaches and some friends who know how to bust it! It all started with me doing my own workouts, but has steadily grown into an organized training crew that is all about throwing around some heavy weight. It’s pretty awesome to have such a badass group of dudes committed to getting strong and help push the other guys around them to do the same. Honestly, it’s been a lot like the old days when you would meet your friends at the park and get a pick-up game of soccer, baseball, or what have you. There are really no rules to the workout time. I walk in and write up the workout on the spot, based on how I feel – seeing as how we are all doing the same workouts, this seems to be a pretty good catch-all. Once the workout starts, it’s a bunch of dudes joking around and throwing weight. It’s definitely brought the FUN factor back to my regular training schedule!

In addition to the training session just being more fun, we are all seeing results from the time invested under the bar, which makes it even more enjoyable for everyone. I have to believe that the programming, hybrid training style, fun and energetic training environment, and the extra push from the guys in the crew all come together for some pretty solid results.

All in all, it’s been awesome to get back to a relaxed training environment that places more focus on pushing the guy next you, rather than trying to beat that guy next to you. It’s a major shift that has me feeling stronger than every and more passionate about my time in the gym!

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