Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 7 – 5/16/12

This week Travis issues a challenge to help you increase your lifts – the month-long Band Walk Challenge. All the details are explained, so jump in and see what this simple tool can result in!

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Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 5/16/12

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I recently posted a challenge on my site,, designed to help lifters – at all levels – increase their strength numbers using a very simple tool, with minimal time investment, so I wanted to share it here on Breaking Muscle, too.

The Band Walk Challenge, as I outline in the video below, is extremely simple, but will have a huge impact on ALL of your lifts. In fact, I’ve already received word from one of my subscribers that after doing the lateral band walks as I prescribe before a lifting session, he was shocked to find how it “woke up” his posterior chain, and allowed him to PR his 3-rep max back squat by 40lbs!

This shit is potent! I’m telling you right now, if you take the challenge full on, I guarantee you will be BUSTIN’ through old PRs. Watch this video for my explanation of the movement, the technique, and the challenge details:

So, there it is! Pretty simple, right? Scooping up some of these bands and investing a little bit of time each day will definitely be worth it when you crush your old personal records.

To quickly review:

  1. Buy your bands
  2. The duration of the Band Walk Challenge is one month. Keep a workout log, detailing your lifts and progress during this time.
  3. Perform a minimum of 3 sets of 20 steps to the right and 20 steps back to the left EVERY DAY!
  4. Maintain an athletic position (quarter squat) with toes pointed in and knees driven out as you take your steps.
  5. Rest as needed, but you must maintain toes IN! This will target the glute medius, which will strengthen your hip stability – allowing you to perform lifts more efficiently and powerfully. Feel the BURN in the “back pocket” and enjoy!

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