friday flicks

Watch circus performer Yuval Ayalon perform a stunning set of 40 mixed presses and push ups on his hands.
Ever wondered what it is like to fly? Wonder no more! Experience the thrill of flying down a mountain at 250 kilometers an hour.
Challenge your perceptions of beauty and grace though this passion-filled film of female fighters.
Welcome to highlining - an extreme sport in which athletes travese a length of webbing that is suspended high above the ground. Take a deep breath before you press play!
If the zombies decide to pay us a visit, which physical skills would keep you from being breakfast? After watching this video we think parkour skills are top of the list!
Sit back and enjoy this journey through the mind of street trial rider Danny MacAskill. The video took two years to make - but we think you'll agree it was worth it!
Watch as 86-year-old Johanna Quass stuns the TV presenters with the strength, skill, and beauty of her parallel bar routine, followed by an equally incredible floor routine.
This week, watch iconic Olympic weightlifting coach Mike Burgener explain how Mike's Gym was born, in a clip from Greg Everett's upcoming feature-length documentary, American Weightlifting.
This weekend's Giants Live British Open Championships marks the final chance for qualification into World's Strongest Man. Here is an adrenaline-fueled clip of these powerful strongmen in action.
As the Reebok CrossFit Games 2013 heats up this weekend in California, here are some of last year's most memorable moments to whet your appetite.
As the new season of American Ninja Warrior begins on NBC, here is a highlight video from Brent Steffensen, taking on the 4-stage Sasuke obstacle course as one of the finalists.
The Tour de France is in full swing. Here's a collection of some of the greatest moments from previous years.
Tomorrow Anderson Silva defends his title against Chris Weidman. Here are some highlights from some of Silva's most memorable fights.
It's Friday and here's a challenge for the weekend, courtesy of The Fortress: 5 muscle ups, 45 dips, 25 pull ups, 55 push ups, and 5 muscle ups in less than six minutes.
Muhammad Ali might be as legendary for his trash talking as he is for his boxing. Here are some clips of a few of his greatest moments.
Isn't lifting a ton of heavy weight really bad for the central nervous system? Yeah, it probably is. Mark Bell and Brandon Lilly share why they don't really give a f***.
This underground sport requires skill, stamina, and a crazy amount of energy. Rather than try to define it, we'll let this video speak for itself.