There are two icebergs. The iceberg of the knowledge our BJJ instructors possess, and the iceberg of the sacrifices they have made to bring that knowledge to us. Don't forget to say thanks.
My eight-week training program is almost done - the tournament is this coming Saturday. I'm going to share my inspirations for my game plans and my latest personal training update.
I've spent the past 8 weeks tweaking my technique and strategy. These are the tools I've used, plus an update on my training - frustratingly, I'm not gaining weight and my heart rate is not improving.
Through trial and error I have discovered a list of essential items for BJJ. Not the least of which is a good bottle of Head & Shoulders. Here's the rest of my list of must-have gear, as well.
After my first tournament experience I devised a plan to create the best strength and conditioning program for BJJ ever. Luckily I've also had the help of Joel Jamieson and BioForce HRV.
Recently a female grappler was allegedly raped by her teammates. This tragedy challenges us to question the role we play in shaping our community and preventing these atrocities.
My training continues as I head toward my tournament. While I sometimes struggle with my nutrition plan, I am getting leaner and according to my BioForce HRV, I'm getting fitter, too.
The grapplers out there are probably spending their holiday training. And they are also fun to poke fun at. Here are some new years’ resolutions that reflect the life of a grappler.
I'm a BJJ blue belt and in February I'll be competing in my first IBJJF tournament. I've enlisted the help of a team of coaches to create a special 8-week training program to prepare me. Here we go!
The first time I saw the panda logos I thought they were a little ridiculous. But Inverted Gear has won me over with their affordable and comfortable Panda Gi. It's one of my favorites.
I’ve decided excellence has a smell - and at times, the smell of excellence could stop a mastodon in its tracks. I've recently redefined my relationship to the smell of my teammates, and myself.
Just as they see life differently, grapplers tend to see holidays differently, too - most as interruptions to training. Here's how I imagine a calendar year of holidays through a grappler's eyes.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's hot topics: pull-ups, gluten, grappling, the kettlebell snatch, and more!
Although it was written in 2005, this book has a great deal of useful information on nutrition, weight-cutting, and meal planning for grapplers, wrestlers, and MMA fighters.
If you were curious how a legendary fighter like Rickson Gracie trained, this video reveals the answer. It may not be what you expect, but it will give you insight to his mind and methods.
Along with other amazing female black belts I run the Women's Grappling Camp. It's about bringing jiu jitsu to women, bringing women together, and all of creating something much bigger than ourselves.
As the creator of and, Stephan Kesting is known for his incredible contribution to teaching BJJ world-wide, to beginners and advanced students alike.