obstacle course

Last year I competed in the Northwest Regional for ANW, until I dislocated my shoulder on the course. Here's how I suggest you should prepare if you want to test yourself as a ninja warrior.
Whether you just want to be faster in your next obstacle race or are more serious about practicing parkour, there are a few basic vaults that must be in your skill set.
"Complex training" refers to training two tasks that force the body to build strength, while building neural links between them. Here's how to do it in preparation for a race or combat situation.
Signed up for some crazy race and now you need to be prepared for it? Obstacle courses offer a unique challenge, so your training must be unique as well. Here's a 6 week plan to get you in gear.
The best part of belonging to a gym is making friends and doing other adventurous stuff outside of the gym - like Spartan Races, scavenger hunts, and more. What have you tried?
You may have heard of the infamous Navy SEALs Obstacle Course, but have you seen it done in 6 minutes from the perspective of a helmet cam? The ultimate obstacle course is right here.
If you've never seen Ninja Warrior on G4tv, be warned - it's addictive! Amazing athletes from around the world compete against this formidable obstacle course.