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This exercise is for beginners who have a tendency to swing the weight while learning the snatch or have arms that are too weak to perform the movement correctly.
Holley talks in detail about her Olympic experience and what it was like to attempt her lifts with painful, torn ligaments in her wrist. Just like Holley, though, she already is aiming for 2016.
In my experience with beginners, there are two huge technical problems involved with teaching the pull from the floor. Breaking the pull into a progression has helped solve these problems.
How is it possible that grown-assed men who have been doing CrossFit for over three years are struggling to squat sets of five reps with a barbell loaded at only 155lbs?
Kulsoom Abdullah paved the way for Muslim women to wear traditional garb while competing in weightlifting. Now she talks about other aspects of religion and training, like fasting during Ramadan.
Holley competed this past Sunday in London - she finished 10th, despite having torn ligaments in her wrist two days prior to leaving for London. Holley's now having a blast at the events!
In her home country Kulsoom would have no access to athletic facilities. In the U.S. she was told she could not compete in her religious garb. What happens when religion and weightlifting collide?
This video from Bob Takano is especially valuable for those lifters who are having difficulty “feeling” the position of the bar overhead and the effects of proper footwork. 
Check out this video of lifter Hilary Katzenmeier and learn an important technique to make your jerk more secure and powerful.
Holley is in London! This week Holley deals with jet lag and adjusting to London, while enjoying the environment of the Olympic Village and the endless supply of Coke Zero.
Bob Takano explains why you don't necessarily have to be able to get your whole hand around the bar when you clean and jerk, using the example of Olympic weightlifter Dan Cantore.
For Olympic weightlifting to succeed in the USA we either need a lot more lifters or a lot more lifters on steroids. But there is one simple thing you can do to help out...
Greg Everett's first book is considered a "must have" by many coaches in the weightlifting world. His new book was written specifically for athletes who are NOT competitive weightlifters.
Learning the Olympic lifts is only possible after the lifter knows the positions at the completion of each movement. This article focuses on three exercises that teach the “feeling” of the bottom.
This week mature athlete and expert coach Charles Staley hit a 9RM PR on deadlift, a 5RM PR on presses, and did some strong weighted chin work, too. Check out his numbers in this week's journal.
By this time next week, Holley will be in London! The Olympic Games are mighty close. Is Holley ready? Is she even packed??
Do you know the difference between a snatch extension and a snatch high pull? This week Bob Takano describes both movements, with video demonstration.