olympic weightlifting

The PanAmerican Championships are right around the corner, so I am trying to get in more alone time in the gym.
Facing the truth was a common and important theme from this past week's writing, so here are my picks for your must-read articles.
Every so often we get somebody drifting into our sport who thinks he is going to get rich.
I set a new Canadian record at a recent meet, and plan to try for the world record in June.
Looking back from my current stage of life, much has now changed for youth weightlifters.
My next competition is less than two weeks away, and I'm feeling pretty confident but still being cautious.
"The programming for my squats has just one major guideline: everyday, lift as much as you can handle." - Pat Mendes
This week I started rolling harder, lifting more, and dialing in my diet. It was a good week.
I spent all week preparing for a heavy snatch session on Saturday, and was pleased with the results.
Like the music itself, this is highly subject to the tastes of its listeners. If it helps, use it. If it doesn't, don't.
In a new study, use of elastic tubing during the clean pull improved performance in competitive Olympic weightlifters.
The week ended with a bit of pain in my elbow and wrist, but otherwise it was a solid training week.
Bracing is important, but it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle to creating a trunk that is stable enough to stand up with massive weights on the chest or overhead.
This week I focused on listening to the messages my body is giving me and adjusting my training accordingly.
The public seems to demand that all instructors are certified. This seems to provide comfort, but how useful is it?
I once heard a comedian say, “There is a weirdo on every city bus…and if there isn’t, you’re it.”
I feel the need to discuss some common mistakes that I see occurring frequently at local weightlifting meets.