Combat your slumped, sitting posture with this easy and effective exercise.
To become strong and stable, include the plank and its several variations in your bodyweight regimen.
With this exercise we are specifically recruiting the strength of the glutes and the rectus abdominis.
Master this difficult hold, and leverage the strength gains into your overall athleticism
To stretch your boundaries further, you need a supple body. Learn five top flexibility standards that will empower you to achieve more.
Have you ever wanted to learn parkour? Let Al show you the best way to leap into this athletic practice with precision jumping!
Taking a quick break to follow along with the video will get you moving, stretched, and reenergized.
Allow your neck to change from shortened and uncomfortable to lengthened and relaxed as you ease into each position.
Step forward and learn how to perform this staple single-leg bodyweight exercise.
Do this before a squat workout or run. We don’t often work on hip abduction, and this can lead to a host of issues.
The counter stretch is a fantastic way of extending and easing your back when you are on the road.
Dips are the squat for the upper body. Include this exercise and grow stronger before you know it.
Al provides rare insights to get your muscle up looking sharper and more solid.
At 89 years old, German gymnast Johanna Quaas is far from slowing down. This is one granny who you don't want to mess with!
Want to do this impressive move just like Bruce Lee? Here are some ideas on how to get there.
You are going to relax for five to twenty minutes, and allow the arch of your back to settle naturally into the floor.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... and move like a badass!