Author: Amanda Allen

44-year-old Amanda is an Aussie CrossFit sensation. First appearing at the Games aged forty-one, after only six months in the sport, she finished nineteenth. She is a two-time Masters Champion (2013 and 2014). She is also a former state and national level triathlete, cyclist and canoeist. Amanda is a coach, speaker, and writer on all things health and performance related. Her battles with depression, food, and alcohol abuse are the foundation of her strength, which brings a gritty honesty and understanding to her style of coaching. Amanda is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Level 2 CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Level 1 Holistic Psychologist, Level 1 Yoga Teacher, and a qualified massage therapist. In a past life, she also earnt a Bachelor of Management from the University of South Australia. She has released two books: The Time of My Life and Eat Perform Win! – both available from her website.

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