Author: Cassy Garcia

A lifelong food lover, Cassy took control of her wellbeing in early 2009 after discovering the healing and transforming power of a Paleo lifestyle when combined with her CrossFit training. After graduating from Texas A&M University in College Station, she started work in the medical field and quickly realized her passion for nutrition. She combines her love of nutrition science, delicious food, and energizing fitness adventures on her popular blog, Fed+Fit. A firm believer that “knowledge is power,” Cassy uses each of her recipes to educate readers on the nutritional power of foods and how to bring them together in the kitchen. She provides step-wise photo instructions that help walk even the most novice cooks through Paleo-style recipes with ease. An active yogi, CrossFit athlete, and endurance event enthusiast, Cassy is the founder of National Gluten-Free Day (occurs the second Monday of every New Year). She also develops customized corporate wellness programs and provides one-on-one nutrition coaching. She is often found exploring various group fitness classes, conducting televised cooking demonstrations, and chasing her Great Pyrenees, Gus (the big friendly giant), through their yard in San Antonio, Texas.

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Paleo BLT Wrap (Recipe)

There are certain foods from our pre-health conscious repertoire that can make us shudder when we think about how mindlessly we consumed them. I used

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