Author: Christie Jenkins

Christie Jenkins is a world-class athlete in three different sports, has spoken to groups of over 500 people, has written articles for a number of magazines, has appeared on TV, is a certified life coach, and has worked in strategy consulting since 2011. In her spare time, she has run away and joined the circus for a year; hiked Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Annapurna circuit, and the Grand Canyon; skydived and bungee jumped; volunteered in Africa; sponsored a child in Nepal; studied abroad in China; and performed in the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Her achievements include: Trampolining National Trampoline Champion for twelve years (1998-2010) Ranked in the top ten in the world (2009-2011) Pan Pacific dual gold medalist Bronze at the Youth Olympics One of just five athletes part of the AIS program, and the only female (2006-2007) Beach Volleyball Gold in the $50,000 Hermosa Open in 2013, the most prestigious event of the USA National Volleyball League calendar Fifth place, 2014 Australian Beach Volleyball Championships CrossFit Eleventh at the World CrossFit Championships, 2014 National CrossFit Champion, 2014, as part of the CrossFit Athletic team Academic ENTER score of 99.85 Awarded one of only 500 Australian Students Prizes Dux of Firbank Grammar school (2005) and full scholarship (1998-2005) Economics / Chinese double degree from Monash University, graduating with Distinction (2010) Professional Only graduate of thousands of applicants selected for ANZ’s strategy graduate program (2011) ANZ Group Strategy team (2011-2013) CBA internal strategy consulting team (2014)

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