Author: Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark is the award-winning author of Nutritional Grail, a book that explores ancestral nutrition and modern nutrition science through the prism of the classic story of the Grail. For the past three years, Clark has worked with Dr. Loren Cordain, the founder of the Paleo Diet, regularly contributing articles to Cordain's website. Clark also writes for Men's Health, Women's Health, The Huffington Post, and other premiere media platforms. Clark's interest in nutrition started during his childhood, during which he watched his grandmother battle and eventually succumb to heart disease, a story he elaborated upon during his TEDx presentation in Dubai. Knowing that healthy diet and lifestyle choices can dramatically reduce one's risk of heart disease and other chronic, degenerative diseases, Clark is determined to help others by raising awareness via his writing. Clark is also deeply involved with the practical, hands-on side of nutrition: healthy cooking. As a trained chef, he specializes in teaching simple, straightforward recipes and techniques for implementing health-supportive nutrition, always in delicious ways. Originally from Michigan, Clark is currently based in Dubai, where he works in the food and beverage industry as a consultant, creating innovative food products and cutting-edge restaurant concepts. His clients include restaurants, spas, and hotels throughout the Middle East and Europe. To learn more about Clark's work, or to access his online database of over 450 healthy recipes, visit him online at his website.

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