Author: Conrad Stalheim

Conrad Stalheim, DC, CSCS is the owner of Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center. His practice consists of treating a variety of patients for acute and chronic pain due to athletic injuries and everyday wear and tear. While his chiropractic education gave him several tools to treat simple cases of musculoskeletal pain, his continued study and personal experimentation of functional movement has allowed him a unique ability to identify underlying movement disorders causing pain and dysfunction. In addition, his continued study of pain science has given Dr. Stalheim the perspective necessary to see past purely tissue and movement specific diagnoses and incorporate the always significant brain and neurological component to chronic pain recovery. With an athletic background and fifteen years of weightlifting experience, it has only been in the last two years that Dr. Stalheim began training in CrossFit. CrossFit has given him a personal laboratory to explore and expose his own movement limitations and test, use, and refine all that “book knowledge” to help others.

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