Author: Jeff Ford

Jeff Ford is the Director of Operations of Conviction Training Facility (CTF) in the beautiful resort town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In addition to his full time role at CTF, Jeff travels the United States and internationally, as one of the Head Coaches for CrossFit Endurance. He has over five years practical experience working with individuals primarily in weight-loss as well as endurance specific training. He specializes in endurance specific training and weight loss and hasbeen devoted to helping people improve their lives thru changing their behaviors since graduating from Clemson University in 2010. Formerly the Fitness Director of Fox News-rated number-one weight-loss spa, Hilton Head Health, Jeff'spassion pushed him to focus primarily on work with endurance athletes. His mission is to teach athletes and coaches what he calls the FIRE Method, a self-tested and less time, injury-free approach to training for endurance events. Jeff is a two-time Ironman triathlete and three-time Boston Marathon qualifier with a lifetime marathon personal record of 2:49. Conviction Training Facility leads specialty endurance programs and remote coaching for athletes year round. Both programs teach athletes how to successfully train for endurance events such as marathons and Ironman Triathlons without having to give up their lives, jobs, or spending time with family. You can find more information at Conviction Training. And make sure to drop by CTF if you're ever in town.

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