Author: John Weirath

John Weirath, a practicing physical therapist since 1997, has been specializing in cyclists from the beginning. Growing up in Chicago, team sports were his first love, especially basketball and baseball. But college brought a deeper introduction into endurance sports. Marathons, iron-distance triathlons, and solo 24-hour races soon followed, and with that, a questioning of the usual training tactics. Interval work and strength training has played a role in his practice, long before it became mainstream in the endurance community. His expertise in bike fitting and cycling analysis is unique, and stems from the level of training as a physical therapist, the technology used—infrared motion capture, high speed video, 3D saddle pressure analysis—and his 20 years of data points garnered through the thousands of clients he’s treated. A serial entrepreneur, he currently owns one of the first bike fit studiosin the country, as well as multiple websites geared towards solving client problems in the realms of endurance trainingand bike fitting.

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