Author: Josh Vogel

Josh grew up skateboarding, running, climbing trees, and building (and destroying) tree houses in the suburbs of New Jersey in the 1990s. When he moved to Philadelphia in 1997, he continued skateboarding, but eventually fell in love with martial arts, first with the Chinese internal martial arts traditions. It wasn't until 2003 that Josh discovered Brazilian jiu jitsu. Josh learned how to practice, compete, and teach this art from the Migliarese brothers in Philadelphia and continues to work full time as an instructor at their academy, Balance Studios, in Philadelphia. Around 2007, Josh's kettlebell coach, Jason C. Brown, exposed him to the concept of Natural Movement, encouraging him to explore the work of Erwan Le Corre, Frank Forencich, Ido Portal, and other leaders in the modern movement community. From there Josh studied Movnat in workshop format, practicing his skills and eventually becoming certified as a Level 2 coach in the system. Josh is currently a BJJ black belt, a Level 2 Certified Movnat coach, and a Level 1 Kettlebell Athletics coach. He continues to expand his knowledge of human movement by exploring hand balancing, bouldering, parkour, and other skill sets, as well as pursuing continuing education by attending seminars in the Ido Portal method, Rafe Kelley's system, and Dewey Nielsen's approach, as well as that of other physical culturists. You can learn more about Josh's work, seminars, online lessons, or private lessons at Josh Vogel Art. You can subscribe to Josh's monthly newsletter where he shares techniques, articles, and videos of BJJ by going to The Sloth Report.

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