Author: Katie, the "Wellness Mama"

Katie's goal is to provide her family with the healthiest foods and lifestyle possible and help you do the same. Her pursuit of health for her own family has led her to some conclusions that go against the grain – pun intended. Katie's journey all started with a three-month cross-country walk from Los Angeles, California to Washington, DC for a cause that is very dear to her. She met her husband on this walk, and the rest, as they say, is history. Four awesome kids and a lot of adventures later, writing is her hobby and motivation to keep up our healthy lifestyle. Katie's blog, Wellness Mama, is a fusion of her passions for family, health, and fun. She attempts to combine science, common sense and humor to explain the pillars of the “Wellness Mama” lifestyle. Katie now works from home as a freelance journalist and certified Nutritional Consultant. She has worked with many people to improve overall health, lose weight, increase fertility, and manage various health conditions and problems. Through her work in nutrition, Katie noticed some common denominators in clients suffering from a wide range of problems. She did a lot of research, worked with more people and developed her system to help clients improve their health. She realized that meeting with clients one on one would not allow me to help many people at once, so she now writes her blog for anyone who needs to improve health or who wants to switch to a more natural way of living.

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