Author: Laurence Clemente

Laurence Clemente is a strength and conditioning coach, kettlebell sport coach, and sport massage therapist based in Nottingham. Laurence fell in love with kettlebells early in his career. This brought him to study with numerous coaches and kettlebell experts from around the globe, and also pushed him to enter the world of competitive kettlebell sport (girevoy sport). After qualifying for the England team as an amateur lifter and winning bronze medal at the 2014 IUKL World Championships, he has gone on to become one of the first male kettlebell sport lifters in England to reach professional level. Laurence coaches a successful kettlebell sport team in Nottingham. Healso uses his knowledge to adapt kettlebell techniquesand blend them into the training of athletes ranging from cyclists and triathletes to martial artists and fighters. Find Laurence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube here or here, and G+.

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