Author: Lorna Kleidman

A native New Yorker, Lorna Kleidman didn’t begin to enjoy fitness until her late twenties due to life-long asthma. After years of aerobics, step, and boxing classes, Lorna discovered the versatility and challenge offered by kettlebells and never looked back, knowing kettlebell fitness was something she wanted to share. After years of working out with all types of fitness tools, it was the kettlebell that inspired her to become a certified trainer and begin competing in Girevoy Sport competitions. Since 2007 Lorna has won three World Championships, made a World Record in Female 16kg Snatch, and earned numerous rankings. Lorna is a coach for IKSFA (International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy), a board member for AKA (American Kettlebell Alliance), and is completing her degree in Sports and Health Science. She is grateful for the support of her friends and mentors, and especially her husband, Carl. Lorna has developed a kettlebell fitness certification (KettleX Pro) and offers online sport coaching and personal training. Lorna’s KettleX Fitness DVDs are in high demand with group fitness instructors because of her unique movement content and cueing. Lorna is also the creator of KettleX Flow, a yoga-based workout that is being presented to Canyon Ranch and studios throughout the country.

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