Author: Marcus Quijas

Marcus Quijas is a holistic trainer focusing not only on physical strength, endurance and flexibility, but also on internal mental and spiritual self empowerment. After eleven years in the British military and three years working as a private security expert in high risk areas, Marcus decided to take the plunge and begin a career in the fitness industry. His year of extensive travel have allowed him to come into contact with many different training modalities with one goal alwaysin mind – finding excellence. The best information cannot be bought or learnt in a weekend but must be found on one's own path for the truth through hard work, commitment, and a almost obsessive drive to learn. Taking the path least travelled has allowed Marcus to gain a unique insight into the world of the physical preparation of Indian Wrestlers,as well as knowledge of internal martial arts from China, Taiwan, and Thailand. He enjoys combining them with proven tried and tested fitness modalities. Marcus is constantly experimenting, and above all having fun with the process. Marcus can be found on Facebook,and is based in Cornwall in the deep south of the U.K.

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