Author: Mike Samuels

Mike is a personal trainer and diet coach, based in Southampton, England. He qualified as a level 3 trainer with Premier Global in 2008, and achieved Dr. John Berardi's Precision Nutrition coaching award in 2011. He runs his own business, training clients for fat loss and sports performance. Mike's love of writing started as soon as he'd broken out of the sterility of thecommercialgym environment and began working with people seriously focused on their goals, making training a priority, and taking pride in their results. He has had articles published on EliteFTS, Livestrong, Kettlebell Inc, and in STACK Magazine. Initially a cardio junkie, and keen 10K runner, Mike has since transitioned to powerlifting and developed a love of strength sports. He recently won his age and weight class at the 2012 Great British Powerlifting Federation All England Championships. Already signed up for more meets in 2013, Mike has his eyes on setting some junior national records. Mike's core belief is that training should always be tough – each session you should aim to get just a tiny bit better. It also needs to be fun, engaging and challenging. You can find Mike at his website or on his Facebook page.

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