Author: Natalie Johnson

As a recent graduate of Baylor University’s Nutrition Sciences program, Natalie is pursuing a career in nutrition and dietetics for two reasons. First, her overall goal in life is to have an impact on her community by empowering others. Nutrition is her platform for helping others reach goals, achieve wellness, and optimize performance. Secondly, as an exercise enthusiast, Natalie is intrigued by the extent that nutrition impacts performance. Natalie iscurrently a dietetic intern at Lipscomb University, getting hands-on experience providing nutrition care in a variety of settings and fulfilling requirements to be licensed as a Registered Dietitian. Also at Lipscomb University, she is completing a Master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Natalie was raised in a very active household – her parents are runners, and have recently discovered CrossFit. Natalie's sport of choice is also running. She enjoys using nutrition to help optimize her performance while training for and running half-marathon races. Natalie is pursuing a career as a dietitian to merge her love of food, exercise, and nutrition by inspiring others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve optimal performance.

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